Stay indefinitely at Keio American Football Club [Bath voyeur]

Keio University American Football Club announced a self-restraint for an indefinite activity due to a scandal. “It was recognized that there was a remarkably inappropriate act by multiple members within the club,” announced on the website under the joint name of the gymnasium and the club. Details are not disclosed from the viewpoint of educational and privacy protection, but according to the officials, several male members voyeured the female member’s bath at the summer camp in August.

Keio University belongs to the TOP8 league, which is the top of the Kanto 1st section. So far this season, 2 wins and 1 loss, but in the 3rd section, he won the first black star in Meiji University, and remained in the battle for victory. Section 4 was postponed by a typhoon and was scheduled to play against Waseda University, which won three consecutive wins this weekend.

The Kanto Student Federation stated that “measures will be decided by opening a board meeting after hearing the circumstances of the person concerned”. There is a possibility of automatic relegation to the lower league BIG8. In this case, the first place of BIG8 will be automatically promoted. This season, Nihon University, which was suspended last season due to a foul problem, returned with BIG8 and won three consecutive wins. If Keio University is demoted, it will be promoted and reverted without replacement after the league is won.

There are several idiots, right?

Keio American Football Club has been inactive for an indefinite period.

Markedly inappropriate behavior

What was that?

It was a story,

Bath voyeur | ω ・)

Looks like it was.

It seems that multiple members were involved,

Isn’t it strange to be caught normally?

I think there are probably many other members who are not involved in the incident,

It ’s been suspended,

What will happen to their career?

Because Keio University

At first glance the image looks good,

Every group has a idiot.

If these people are influenced by their lives, they won’t accumulate.



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