Lettuce enters the era of being made at [Factory]

In the near future, lettuce we are talking about may become hydroponic pesticide-free. This is because, according to the Nishinihon Shimbun, Kyushu Electric Power announced plans to build the world’s largest hydroponic lettuce factory. The planned construction site for the lettuce plant is the Buzen power generation idle site in Buzen City, Fukuoka Prefecture. If it goes well, construction will be completed in 2021, and it will be shipped from FY2010.

Now, it is said to be the world’s largest, but the size of the factory is 12,000 square meters (about 1/4 of Tokyo Dome). There is no need to worry about pests because it is hydroponically cultivated using LED and artificial water in a sealed space. In order to raise lettuce, work such as sowing seeds and replanting seedlings will occur, but such things will be automated, so it seems that only about 80 people are in charge of picking and delivering. There was an image that agriculture required human hands, but the size of Tokyo Dome 1/4 is about 80, so it’s okay.

By the way, the story of the lettuce factory is still in the planning stage, and the final decision on commercialization will be made by March next year. But if this factory goes into operation, we can secure a new source of revenue, expect to create new demand for electricity, and consumers can get pesticide-free vegetables. It might be WIN-WIN. As a consumer, the price is worrisome, but it is not affected by the weather, and it is good that you can eat lettuce at a stable price all year round.

The overseas organic supermarkets that I attended sold leafy vegetables made by hydroponics to the water with roots. That was more fresh and delicious. If hydroponically grown lettuce is sold in Japan, it may be rooted. Then, after eating the leaves, it ’s fun to grow yourself.


Is agriculture going indoors?

Somehow as a stereotype,

Crops are sunshine

The image that has been established,

That feels better

I feel like,

If you consider the ingredients

You don’t have to be outside.

It may be good not to have pests,

The concept has been overturned | ω ・)



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