Shiraku TBS [Good Luck!] Struggling as soon as possible!

At last, the audience rating fell below 2%, and “Successful Luck!” (TBS / Monday-Friday / 8: 00) will be hosted by Tachikawa Shiraku (56). His dry crispness was bad and his assistant Yoko Wakabayashi Ana (23) read the manuscript. In addition, only those who don’t even know commentators. Speaking of why such a person was selected …


In the first place, “Bibit”, which lasted for four and a half years at the MC of TOKIO Taichi Kokubun (45) and Miki Shinya (55), was discontinued due to low audience ratings. “Good luck!” Took over. Later, the program “Hiruobi” (Monday to Friday, 10:25) was selected as a popular MC, and it should have started with noise.

However, the first broadcast on September 30 was 2.6% (video research survey, Kanto area: the same applies below), and it was no different from “Vivit”, which was in the 2-3% range.・ It fell to 9%. Says the president of a program production company.

“I think Shiraku also feels like the first MC, and the comments are harsh. In the broadcast on the 9th, he was forced to cancel in 3 days after the exhibition because of the display of comfort women. ”And then” was featured as a live broadcast by Daisuke Tsuda (45), art director of “Aichi Triennale.” However, there was no opportunity to engage in the opinion. It ’s too dark, the pin does n’t fit, it ’s swaying, and I ’m going to stand up on a tripod.

It was certainly not interesting. Before joining the broadcast, I would like to admit that the “Expression Freedom Exhibition” will be held by commentators in the studio. While everyone agrees to hold the event, only Shizuku expressed his opposition. Well, what will happen, relay will be connected. Mr. Tsuda is in a position that, of course, the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution must be recognized even for objects that are unpleasant for me. However, in response to this, he asked, “Is it even an art that abuses my parents and children?”, Referring to a video work in which the portrait of Emperor Showa was baked.

“It’s not a matter of expression, but a crime. After the fraying phrase, the relay was cut,“ Tsuda-san is logically correct, but I think my feelings are missing. Everyone is sad. I don’t like the feelings that I don’t think about this. ”Although only the endings seemed to be 噺 家, the theory of emotions is not an argument against logic. (There was no company president)

The entertainment reporter looks like this:

“Siraku is so advocated as the“ successor of the Danshi DNA. ”You might say,“ No, I ’m a disciple disciple and not a journalist ”. If you’re a master of Tadashi, who has outstanding talent as a home, the French philosopher Voltaire said, “I’m against your opinion, but your right to claim it is life. I’m not a French person, but I’m not a French person. Aizu also has a teaching that “I can’t do anything else”, and I didn’t drop it to cynical. I don’t feel the DNA up to that comment.

Good luck! Isn’t it difficult?

I understand that it comes from good luck,

Make good good

Whether it makes sense?

I do n’t think it ’s really good.

And compared to Kokubu, the Maya pair at the time of Vivid

Isn’t the glittering feeling lost?

Would you like to see the people who were shining in the morning?



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