Karina Maruyama [I was wearing a T-back]

Rina Maruyama, who appeared in the TBS system “Academy Night G” on late October 15th, revealed “My Rules” in the football era.

In the program, when it became a topic of my own “My Rules”, Maruyama revealed that “I was originally wearing a T-back when I was active,” and the reason for this is “I wonder if you can catch it. It ’s going to go up, so the amazing dribbling is getting more and more crisp, ”he explained.

In response to this, when the performer asked, “Is that going to change?” Maruyama said, “I ’ll definitely change, I ’m trying.” I tried both. “At the time of the game,” commented.

He also said that he was wearing underwear with animal drawings in his talent work as “pants with animals in them since he stopped working.” He said, “It feels like you’re giving me a friend, so you can be like yourself,” he said. He had several types of underwear for animals and said that “game underwear” was a wolf.


Is it motivated?

Marina Rina Maruyama revealed about the T-back in his active days.

Well, it ’s not necessary to reveal such a private thing,

The ability to speak such a bomb

That led to a break on a variety show.

I personally think that I have already reached beyond Nana Suzuki | ω ・)




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