Loss of fighting investors [220 million yen]

“We must return 40 million yen in cash by next week …”

As a “fighting investor,” the current welterweight champion Yuta Kubo (32), who was active in the standing martial arts group K-1, was hit by a disaster. A loss of 220 million yen was made in stock trading, and profits disappeared in an instant. It turned around and fell into a remote area of ​​40 million debt. Although announced on his own Twitter, some fans have raised the question of “how far is it true” and voices of worry, as well as a heartless voice such as “Zamaamiro”. I asked him the truth.

“A lot of speculation is flying, but it’s true that the loss is true. I borrowed money from my wife Sarah and her relatives and managed to pay the securities account, but there is no difference in having debts. ”

Kubo, who recognized a major loss in stock trading, started his equity investment seven years ago after making his K-1 debut at the age of 22. Earnings from stocks so far exceeded 500 million yen, and “Paripi Life” was even synonymous with his wife, Sarah, who grew up with her daughter. Despite being a K-1 champion, the perfect specs of an investor who made profits in the hundreds of millions, “Billion Tre”, sometimes bought a grudge. That is “par” in an instant. How was the surrounding reaction at that time? Kubo looks back as follows.

“(The surrounding reaction) was so cold. My friend Aojiru (over 20 billion yen in sales in the 20s and appeared in many media as” Aojiru Prince “. There is Yuta Misaki, who was arrested and prosecuted for tax evasion). “They said. Besides that, the people around me left me with money. I realized that “a gold break is a break in the edge” means this. ”

Buyers can’t buy a luxury car or Ferrari owned by his wife or a luxury watch owned by his wife. “Because it is not an amount that can be repaid with fight money alone, a player with a flashy image like me cannot expect a sponsor’s income …” and started YouTuber activities. He said that he was also shocked by the exaggerated comment “You should rely on Sara-chan”.


Did someone make that much money?

Fighter Yuta Kubo has made a loss.

If it is a little loss, it will not be a topic,

It seems that the loss was 220 million yen.

Considering this, stock trading is complicated,

You won’t know success or failure.

Yuta Kubo who had a debt in an instant,

The only salvation is

Your wife is a young lady.

When I saw it in Out Deluxe, my wife

He was a completely free person

What would have happened without this person now?

I would like you to tell me about the current situation on TV.




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