South Africa [complete defeat]‼

Quarter-finals, Japan’s first 8 strongest hits, and 2 strong champions South Africa clash

The Rugby World Cup (World Cup) Japan tournament was held on the 20th at the Tokyo Stadium in the quarterfinals, and Japan and South Africa crashed into the top four. Japan lost to 3-26 against the strong man who won the previous two championships. South Africa entered the 4th in 2 consecutive tournaments.

This is the first final tournament for Japan. The stand was overflowing with super-crowded Japanese fans to see the historical moments. There was also a scene where SH University was tearing up at the national anthem singing before the game. This day was also the death day of former Japanese representative Seiji Hirao, who died in 2016, and challenged a decisive battle that entered four strengths with extraordinary preparedness.

Both teams played in the first league four years ago. Japan won a dramatic reversal in 34-32 and received praise from around the world, including “Brighton’s Miracle” and “The biggest upset in the sports world”. An unforgettable battle for South Africa. In the test match that took place on September 6th before the tournament, I won 41-7, but I can’t lose twice on the World Cup stage.

The first mover was South Africa, which burned in revenge. In the first half, WTB Mapinpi, who received the pass supplied by SH DeClarke on the left side, kept it in the left corner without tackling. Although I did not convert, I succeeded 5-0 first.

In the first 10 minutes, South Africa’s PR Mutawaira is a dangerous tackle to PR Inagaki Keita, and Shinbin (a 10-minute temporary exit) gives Japan a temporary advantage. In 15 minutes, expand from the My Ball Scrum to the left. WTB Fukuoka Kenki gains at a stretch and approaches the goal, but misses the chance with a foul. Even then, five minutes later, this time, Ta Tamura surely decides the penalty goal (PG) obtained by the opponent’s foul, and returns 3 points.

Japan does not draw a step in Scrum, which is an advantage of South Africa. The FW team, who continued to build up even in the first league, couldn’t take the lead with the world’s best opponent for 5 minutes. Just before the end of the first half, it was carried to the in-goal and it seemed that the try was robbed. Japan, who was sweating cold, turned back the first half with 2 points and a good fight against the winning candidate.

It was the second half that started in “Nippon Call”, but conceded to the start. In 3 minutes, SO Pollard was given a PG of about 40 meters and made 3-8. Japan tried to change the flow by introducing PR Nakajima Ishireri and SO Matsuda Rikiya in the 8th minute, but immediately after penalizing again, Pollard’s PG is 8 points difference.

Japan wants to counterattack, but fouls also overlap and tie it to their own team. He continues to endure with a hard defense, but in 23 minutes Pollard decided the third PG and gradually extended his lead to 3-14. Three minutes later, it was pushed in at the mall from the line-out, and finally Declark tried in the center. Conversion is also decided, and it becomes a difficult development with 3-21.

In the 28th minute, he will go deep into the enemy, but he will be allowed to turn over from the failure of the lineout, and at the end he will try to try Mapinpi. In the second half of the year, Japan, which was succumbing to the opponent’s strength, heard no-side whistle without taking the try.

Is n’t it suddenly strong?

Japan Rugby National Team lost to South Africa.

So far, Japan has defeated powerhouses such as Ireland and Scotland.

It was an impression that South Africa had a hard time.

At the beginning, South Africa’s mistakes were prominent,

From the second half, the representative from Japan

It has become almost impossible to attack.

I do n’t think there ’s a difference in physical fitness.

After all there is a flow in sports games,

The difference will be big at the end.

Nonetheless, to the Japanese national team who left the results in this tournament

Wouldn’t most of you be very satisfied?



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