Fefne [Matt]‼

The second son of former giant pitcher Masumi Kuwata (51) and musician Matt (Matt, 25) renewed his own Instagram on the 18th, popular in the NTV system “Monday to Night Fushi” (Monday, 11:59) Posted a “Matt” shot of “Fef Unnie”.

Recently, Matt has released a “Matt” shot with many entertainers such as actors Saito Takumi, Banana Man, and Nozomi Tsuji. This time, “Friday”, Fef uncle who played with Matsuko Deluxe, Kanjani Eight, Shingo Murakami and laughed at laughter appeared, and wrote “#Matt” on the hashtag.

Matt praised that “Fef unnie is too awesome” and “It’s too much a genius to focus on only the second piece, Fef unnie? I really like it.” I uploaded a photo and added a comment.

“It ’s too great” for this post, “I feel like Matt ’s Matt”, “I felt like a sister of Fef”, “If I did n’t read Fef ’s sister, it looked cool. “I understood the situation and the person w”, and a voice was rejoicing about the appearance of Feh unnie.


Will Matt become Matt?

Familiar at night from Monday

My sister Feff was converted to Matt.

I think Fef ’s sister is an ordinary person,

I regularly perform at night from Monday.

I will take a laugh, so

Do you mean there are offers from entertainers?

Surely I haven’t made it, but the real character with stickiness

It ’s very attractive.

However, what criteria Matt is choosing is a mystery | ω ・)



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