Keidai University voyeur father is [Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department active executive]⁉

Keio University American Football Club announced that its members had voyeurized women’s open-air baths and announced self-restraint activity. The problem occurred at this year’s summer camp. There is a two-month “time difference” from the discovery of the incident in late August to the announcement on October 15. Despite serious criminal acts in the department, the directors initially participated in the three games of Rikkyo, Hosei, and Meiji, with a devastating face, and the suspicion of concealment also emerged is doing.

Until voyeur act is discovered

“During the week’s training camp, the members reached out over the bamboo fence of the women’s outdoor bath several times and took pictures of the female managers taking a bath with their smartphones. It was rumored among many members because it was spread by airdrop (* wireless data sharing function), etc. And the woman in the bath noticed the place where the crime was committed again, and the incident was discovered (American football staff)

The main criminal is “problem child of club activities”

The main criminal cases of the incident are two male members A and B who entered the university on an escalator from Keio High School.

“They had been troubled children of Keio American football club for a long time, such as smoking banned in the club was discovered. However, A was an excellent player with high athletic ability to enter the game as a starter. Although it was not regular in the American football club, I belonged to the track and field club for three years in junior high school, and had the ability to leave good results in medium-distance races. Same as before)

“ Fool son ” whose father of the Metropolitan Police Department’s active executive also burns his hands

When we proceeded to report on the “Voyeur” member, a fact was found. Police officials reveal.

“In fact, B ’s father is an active police officer. He was an officer of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and previously served as a deputy director of the Sakai Police Station. Well, the trust from subordinates was also strong, and I was actively participating in children’s baseball tournaments etc. due to child trouble, but it seems that I was burning my hand in handling B. B was my father’s credit card I heard that there was a charge of nearly 200,000 yen, and sometimes I was angry and called B from the workplace. “

Mother says, “I ca n’t say anything.

After the voyeurism problem was discovered, there was a period when the victim was resting due to shock.

“A and B apologize to the victim women, they talked to them, and they managed to do it. After that, the two were withdrawn and contact with other members was prohibited. (The above-mentioned American football related person)

B’s home is a house in a quiet residential area in Tokyo. The window remains closed by the shutter. B hit her mother in the evening by car.

When I told my mother when I got off, “Weekly Bunshun”, I went straight to the entrance with a stunning expression, “I don’t know.”

――Please tell us about Mr. B’s voyeur of a female bath at the training camp.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t say anything. Please ask the school.”

–What about women who suffered damage?


-What does the police officer’s father say?


The mother looked angry and never looked at the reporter. When I entered the house, I closed the front door to make a loud noise.

Are you really a fool son?

If you do n’t think you ’re being arrested,

The parent is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department active executive.

It ’s just the police.

The charges should have solidified (> _ <)

However, at the time of the Nihon University power harassment problem

Eventually, the victim came to an end,

Regarding this voyeur,

It will be a matter of time to be exposed.

There is a possibility of concealment in this matter,

What happens to the response from Keio University

It is a point of future attention | ω ・)

Well, at times like this, I’ll hide something.



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