Tokui Yoshimi [120 million yen] report omission

Yoshimi Tokui (44) of the comedy combination “Tutorial” pointed out by the Tokyo National Tax Bureau over a total of about 120 million yen over the past seven years had an emergency meeting at the Yoshimoto Kogyo Osaka headquarters (Chuo-ku, Osaka City) on the 23rd .

The main questions and answers are as follows.

-Personal clothes and accessories were recorded as necessary expenses but were not approved by the National Tax Service.

Tokui: I am also a theatre, and there are parts that do TV work in plain clothes. As much as it is used for work, this is a costume fee. There are also regular jobs. If you look closely, it will become enormous, so there is a line from the national tax person who says “I will decide here.”

-Personal travel costs were also recorded as expenses

Tokui: I don’t think you can’t do it if you don’t remember. To be honest, I don’t remember clearly. Our job is to act, collect stories and talk. Some years ago, at some stage, I also work. He may have given his receipt to a tax accountant, thinking he would be working later.

-Is there any advice from a tax accountant?

There was Tokui. This is also my neglect. I couldn’t even talk about whether it would fall due to expenses.

-Do you plan to record expenses for going to New York this year?

Tokui Does not account for expenses.

-Even if you use travel as a story

Tokui: I don’t see that feeling. We want to raise the hurdle whether it is expense in the future.

-When to investigate national tax

Tokui It was the end of last year. There is a national tax, and you are doing ridiculous things. I didn’t want to be tax delinquent, but I was told clearly that I wasn’t aware of it. Doing ridiculous things as a member of society.

-Isn’t the fact that the national tax has been frustrated that the double addition tax is coming?

Tokui: If so, it may be.

-I am not convinced of the judgment.

Tokui There is nothing that I can’t understand. Actually, there was no declaration and delinquency for 3 years. 100%, I am bad.

-No place to try to cheat

Tokui: I didn’t feel like cheating. There was nothing at all.

Are n’t you thinking?

Yoshimi Tokui was pointed out that the report was missing.

How do you see your expenses?

I do n’t know that I ’d like to think about it better,

Because everyone wears clothes,

Is n’t it a little bit of an idea? | Ω ・)

Because it seems to make a private office for tax measures,

There is no excuse for forgiveness of omissions.

I’m an entertainer I don’t really like,

Will you be able to continue performing arts from now on?



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