Angelica is [Suspended]‼

The office of the model, Angelica Michibata (33), who was sent out on the 16th due to suspicion of depression by the conspiracy with the husband and threatened 350,000 yen in cash from an acquaintance man through the official website Apology, announced the temporary suspension of activities.

In August, the suspects of document sending were conspiring with a Korean restaurant manager Kim Jong-hee (37) with her husband and threatened to mess up the family at a roadside acquaintance man’s workplace, with 350,000 yen in the account Suspected to be transferred.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime Countermeasures Section 2 arrested Kim on suspicion of extortion on the 3rd of this month and listened to the situation arbitrarily from the roadside where he was present. Michibata announced on the official website of his office on the 5th that he commented, “I was very confused at that time and was completely unaware of my husband’s request for money.” I was not supposed to.

On this day, the affiliated office said on the site, “According to the confirmed place, Michibata Angelica was not charged in this case (insufficiency was insufficient), and the prosecution determined that there was no fact of conspiracy with her husband, so far I think that many reports with “suspect” were denied, “Michibata himself confirmed.

“But, as a matter of course, we are very sorry and confused about the fact that we were sent, and now we have expressed all our comments with the comments we made earlier. It is recognition that we are doing “.

As for the future of the couple, “I think it is a situation where we are going to draw a conclusion slowly over time because it is a private matter regarding the relationship between the couple,” and the future activity is “ I would like to concentrate on raising my children, gain the understanding of the people concerned, and devote time to rethinking myself for a while. ”

Are you scared of your face?

Michibata Angelica has stopped working.

Well how many people want to see this person

Very doubt | ω ・)


And it seems that the documents were sent without knowing.

Even if you are coerced with your husband and threatened, you can send documents.

Slowly draw conclusions between couples

That is, this is


Does that mean that?

Because you can conspire to threaten your money.

I just want to get along.



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