Tokui [Self-Reliant Activity]

Yoshimoto Kogyo announced on the 26th that Yoshimi Tokui (44), a comedy combo tutorial, will refrain from the activity for the time being due to a problem pointed out by the Tokyo National Tax Bureau that the tax is about 138 million yen.

Through a written statement, “Yoshimi Tokui apologized for neglecting the tax payment obligation, which was a duty of the public, at the conference held on October 23 the other day. As a result of deeply reflecting on this, we decided to refrain from the activity for the time being today. ”

■ Full text of Yoshimitsu Tokui’s comment
This time, I am very sorry for my inconvenience and distrust to the people and people involved in the tax issue.
I deeply reflected myself and decided to refrain from performing arts activities for the time being.
In the future, I would like to rethink my awareness of tax payment, my work, myself, and myself.
I am very sorry.

Tutorial Yoshimi Tokui

On this day, Tokui was scheduled to appear on the stage of LUMINE the Yoshimoto in a combination, but this was also canceled and Taka and Toshi was announced to be useful.

Tokui received performance fees paid from his affiliated Yoshimoto Kogyo through his company “Tulip”, but failed to report 138 million yen for 7 years. Of this, about 20 million yen seems to have been pointed out as hidden income. The additional amount of corporate tax, such as double additional tax and undeclared additional tax, is approximately 37 million yen.

On the evening of the 23rd, Tokui met in Osaka and explained himself. “I was really sorry that I couldn’t pay the tax firmly due to my timidity and negligence, and it caused a great deal of inconvenience and discomfort for those who were paying the tax properly.” .

Didn’t you want to continue the activity?

Yoshimi Tokui became self-restrained for the time being.

It’s a natural story.

Which plan did you plan to put on TV?

I often hear words like neglect and looseness about this,

Rather than accidentally being lazy,

The correct answer is to think of it as such a person.

If you know you ’re loose,

It is a natural story to ask a professional.



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