To the new director [Hitoshi Matsumoto]‼

It was announced that Mr. Hitoshi Matsumoto (56) in downtown was appointed as the new host of ABC TV (Asahi Broadcasting) variety program “Detective! Night Scoop”.

The program itself is likened to a detective station, and the moderator’s position called “Director” is the third generation, following former entertainer Ryutaro Ueoka (77) and actor Toshiyuki Nishida (71).

“Night Scoop” and “Matsumoto Hitoshi” ranked first in the trend

Night Scoop started broadcasting in the spring of 1988. With the catchphrase of “Put a sharp female into a complicated and intricate society and thoroughly investigate various mysteries and questions”, the performer “Detective” goes out to the city, and “Survey request” from the viewer It’s a content to struggle to elucidate. Currently, over 30 stations nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Mr. Ueoka, the first director, who served for 12 years, dropped out in the spring of 2000 following the retirement of the entertainment industry. After that, Mr. Nishida became the second generation since 2001, and was in office for about 19 years beyond the first generation. Matsumoto, who will take over the baton, will appear on November 29, 2007.

It was a longevity program that lasted over 30 years, and when it was announced to take office on October 25, many reactions appeared on the Internet. On Twitter, “Night Scoop” and “Matsumoto Hitoshi” were ranked first, and “Matsu-chan” and “New Director” were also murmured. On the other hand, the voice of “I don’t know” mainly in Kanto. This is because it is not broadcast on so-called key stations.

ABC is a TV Asahi series, but in TV Asahi, “Friday Night Drama” is organized at 23:00 on Fridays when night scoops are played on ABC (note that this program is on ABC at 24 hours after the end of the night scoop). Instead, Tokyo MX (Sunday 17:00), TV Saitama (Monday 20:00), TV Kanagawa (Friday 20:00), and Tochigi Television (Tuesday 22:00) regularly broadcast several weeks later.

Pretty surprised?

Matsumoto Hitoshi has been appointed as the new Director of Night Scoop.

I was surprised at the unexpected big game.

Although it is still a Kansai program,

Because it is a historical program.

Detectives are pretty good | ω ・)

Here too



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