Is Tokui’s [Idaten] appearing on schedule?

NHK Taiga drama “Idaten-Tokyo Orimpic Samurai” starring Yoshimitsu Tokui (44) who announced the self-restraint of the performing arts for the time being pointed out by the Tokyo Taxation Bureau about 138 million yen, etc. However, the probability of broadcasting as scheduled from November 3 has increased on the 27th.

Tokui is the director of Hirofumi Omatsu, the director of Japan Women’s Volleyball. On the day of the announcement on the third day of the broadcast, a volleyball practice scene flowed, saying “Even if I died!” A voice was thrown to the players.

On the other hand, on the official website’s PR video, Omatsu’s appearance scene played by Tokui plays. NHK has said that it is “being considered” for broadcasting after November, but since it has already been recorded, and Tokui is scheduled to appear until the final version, it seems that it is difficult to retake and edit. The drama was arrested for violating the Drug Control Law of Pierre Sir (52), who appeared in March this year, and the appearance scene was retaken by a substitute, but this time it seems physically difficult .

Tokui also names the performers of the same station “Shibuyanooto” (Saturday midnight 0: 5) and BS1 “Kyujoen” (Monday 7pm). “Shibuyanooto” broadcasted on the 26th was broadcast, but NHK is considering the next and subsequent “Tenjitsu” of the program, as well as “Idaten”.

Can’t be helped this time?

It seems that Tokui will appear on schedule.

Idaten has a low audience rating

The disaster continues.

When Tokui’s negligence re-shoots,

The audience rating is not a V-shaped recovery.

However, Tokui ’s case

I stabbed Idaten

That must be the case.



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