Hiromi Kawata and a general man [marriage]‼

Free announcer Hiromi Kawata (age 36) announced on October 29th on his Instagram and blog.

Kawata posted a comment titled “To everyone who supports us” on this day. “I ’m going to report that I ’ve been working with a music-related person I ’ve been with for a long time,” Hiromi Kawada reported to her fans.

The other man said, “If you are with him who is from the same Osaka, very cheerful, funny, considerate and reliable, you can be safe and honest.”

And “I want to make a fun life together by facing the same direction, no matter what happens in the future,” said the job, “I will continue unchanged, so I will continue to support you I’d be happy if you could, and thank you in the future. ”


Want to skip it?

Hiromi Kawata has announced her marriage.

Somehow it is an image,

After all the other party is Kansai.

It ’s a little missing character

Please make the world brighter | ω ・)



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