Daisuke Miyagawa on Google Street View

Currently, Daisuke Miyagawa, a comedian, has become a hot topic on the Internet when images of Hiroya Yamazaki’s half ass appear in Street View. What does this mean?

Mosaic may be applied to such images, but even at 11 o’clock on October 21, 2019, when the article was written, Kyoto Prefecture and Fukui Prefecture Road 21 in Takuji Temple, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture You can see it on the Maizuru Nobara Port Takahama Line.

No way, you can see these funny half-butt images in Google Street View … In Street View, you can also see the staff taking pictures of the half ass while laughing.

Actually, this was filmed on a program called “Street Development”, which was broadcast on TV Asahi series from 23:15 on October 19. Daisuke Miyagawa and Hiroya Yamazaki (Untouchable) walk along an “undeveloped” road without street view on Google Maps, and officially register 360-degree camera photos taken with Google.

In Street View, “Let ’s take photos by yourself and publish to Street View” is a service that allows community users to introduce new places using Street View. You can shoot and share the scenery around you on the go. It seems to be said that it is a new form of travel program using this.


Isn’t it a coincidence?

It seems that Daisuke Miyagawa has a butt on Google Street View.


It ’s too late by chance | ω ・)

I thought

Just posted what I took and adopted

It seems like that.

Somehow disappointed (> _ <)



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