Yukina Kinoshita appeared on Fuji TV [flame]

Talent, Yukina Kinoshita (31) appeared in Fuji TV’s new program “BACK TO SCOOL! First 2 hours SP” broadcast on 30th.

Speaking of Kinoshita, my sister was working, and the person who was in trouble with the tapioca drink store found out that she gave up a direct message (DM). An apology was posted on his Instagram on the 9th, but the voices of criticism have not yet settled. Ripples are just spreading, with the talk show scheduled for November 2 at the school festival of Kobe Gakuin University being canceled.

Fuji’s response was noticed only in such broadcasting, but there was no response such as telling the recording time with telop, and it was broadcast as usual including advance advertisement. Kinoshita visited the island’s only high school in Nakajima, a small remote island in Ehime Prefecture, Matsuyama Kita High School Nakajima Branch School in Ehime Prefecture, and thought that “I want to live school life properly in a high school in the country” I had in high school days Realized.

Kinoshita was able to get to know the students in an instant. There was a scene where they sent their “ordinary school life” that they had always wanted, and shed tears on the last day.

Critics such as “Is TV still on the screen?” “Is it a fire law?” “Who is watching?” “Is Fuji TV sanity? In addition, as a back program, “I tried to compare tonight” was broadcast on NTV, and the appearance scene of “Tutorial” Yoshimi Tokui (44), who was forced into self-restraint due to a tax declaration omission, etc. was cut firmly. For that reason, there were many criticisms such as “Is Tokui cut but Yukina is good” or “Tokui is terrible but the general public is more terrible.”


Do n’t you want to drink tapioca?

Yukina Kinoshita is involved in trouble.

That said, there is a problem with the content of my 恫 喝 DM,

I’ve got my nature | ω ・)

It seems to be correct to express.

It may still be sticking in the stage before the judgment of activity self-restraint comes out,

It ’s also forced to be suspended

Is it a matter of time?

It’s like that.

I do n’t know if it ’s a yankee or a gal,

If you are usually such a person

I feel like I can’t cure where I apologized.



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