Naomi Watanabe [Matted]‼

The second son of baseball commentator Masumi Kuwata (51) and artist Matt (25) renewed his Instagram on the 24th. The comedy talent Naomi Watanabe (32) is “Matted” and has been revered.

Matt posted a picture with a Matt-like face on Watanabe, who was present at the Onitsuka Tiger 2020 Spring / Summer collection on the 23rd. “I’ve already been a fabulous (and terrible) entertainer lump, I wanted to talk more, I learned a lot!”, Watanabe replied, “Thank you Matt, the matt processing you’ve always wanted. did.

Fans praise Tsukkomi as “Matte processing Psycho”, “Naomi-chan’s Matt processing, the highest and strongest ever”, “Who is nobody else!” Comments are mixed.

Watanabe also introduced the same image on his own Instagram on the 26th, “I asked you for the matt processing you wanted, and matt-kun ’s skin was too beautiful and I was impressed. ”

Has it changed the most?

Naomi Watanabe became Matt.


I feel like there is no prototype left. . .


Honestly what does it mean?

I do n’t know,

I think it’s amazing to get this much attention.

It ’s not like Matt is a good seller,

He may have the ability to catch the epidemic.



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