South Africa [Champion]‼

Rugby World Cup (World Cup) Japan tournament final was held, and South Africa won the third victory for the first time in three tournaments, the word “real second place” on Twitter showed a subtle spread.

In this tournament, the Japanese national team made a great leap to advance to the best eight for the first time in history. He won the quarterfinals in all four rounds, such as winning the top leagues such as Ireland and Scotland in the first league.

The only representative from Japan is South Africa, where the defeated opponent played in the quarterfinals. The final score was 3-26, but the first half was 3-5. By the way, in the first half of the final of the day, South Africa led 12-6 and 6 points against England and won 32-12.

On Twitter, it feels like a story: “South Ah! This is like Japan ’s second place in real life.” “That ’s what Japan is in second place.” “Yes, everyone seems to think. I think that Japan is in second place in real terms. ”

Did you squeak when you won the cup?

The final of the Rugby World Cup was held

The tournament ended with South Africa winning the championship.

When I was defeated by the Japanese national team,

I became less interested in the game development,

Awards ceremony,

There was a touching impression at the moment of raising the cup.

The historical moments that are broadcast to the world

It’s a wonderful time that can’t be replaced by anything.

In this tournament, rugby penetrates Japan

Wasn’t it a great opportunity?



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