[Don’t take a plane] Greta

Swedish environmental activist Greta Tumberg (16), who received attention at the UN speech, is in trouble.

In North America to participate in the 25th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25), which was supposed to be held in Chile, the venue was changed to Madrid, Spain on the 1st. One month until the event. Greta, who doesn’t get on airplanes with high greenhouse gas emissions, complains that he has no means of transportation and needs help.

The protest was intensified in Chile due to the increase in public transportation charges. On October 30, the government left off the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit Meeting scheduled in the capital of Santiago and the COP25 in December on October 30th as “concentrating on domestic issues”.

In response to this, the Spanish government officially decided on November 1 that it offered to host the capital in Madrid. It will be held on December 3-12 as originally planned.


Will you ride anyway?

Greta seems to be in trouble with transportation.

As an environmental activist, I think it ’s a consistent way of doing things,

When you can get great results

It is very inefficient that there is no means of transportation.

Use airplanes because the things you can get are big

Isn’t it a story to say?

You don’t have to use anything that emits greenhouse gases,

Does it cost a lot?

The fact that many adults are swung around

Is it safe because it does not affect the environment?

Well, it might be somehow if only you can penetrate.



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