Suntory tea drinks voluntarily collected [Fear of stomachache]⁉

Suntory has announced that it will voluntarily collect “Craft Boss Milk Tea 500ml PET Bottle”.

The target is about 1.7 million bottles with a shelf life of “August 2020” and the last factory-specific symbol “/ JJ” written on the cap. The microorganisms remaining in PET bottles could not be completely removed, and the person who drank and separated the milk and tea ingredients reported that it had a sour taste. Although no health damage has been confirmed so far, it may cause abdominal pain. Suntory has stated that “further quality control will be implemented in the future”.

Problems with PET bottle management?

Suntory seems to collect craft boss milk tea.

Speaking of the image of the boss series

Basically canned coffee


Was the management of PET bottles even in the manufacturing team?

It ’s worst to be sour under the influence of microorganisms.

After all it may be safer not to buy things that are slightly off the royal road.



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