Daisuke and a general woman [marriage]‼

Daisuke Yokoyama (36), the “daisuke brother” who served as the “Uta no elder brother” of NHK E TV “Okasan to Issho” for the past nine years, married a general woman today. The announcement was made on the same day through the official website and his blog.

Yokoyama reported, “I’m a sudden report, but I’m Yokoyama Daisuke filed a marriage registration today on November 6th,” he said, “The other person is a regular woman. However, at any time, I thought that I could build a happy family with this person, and it was my marriage. ”

Continuing on, it was the 12th year that we continued our activities to deliver courage and hopeful songs to children and families in the 9 years when we served as the older brother of the song. During that time, we encountered many family smiles. I will continue to have a dream that I want to build a family full of smiles someday, and I am very happy to be able to report my marriage here today. ”

At the end, he renewed his resolve and called “I look forward to working with you in the future” as “We will make every effort to make everyone smile more than ever.

Yokoyama is from Chiba Prefecture. After graduating from Kunitachi College of Music, he joined the theater company Shiki and appeared on the stage “Lion King”. Since 2008, he graduated from the program in April 2017, serving as the eleventh brother of the 11th song of the NHK educational program “Okasan to Issho”. In the same year, he was the first voice actor to challenge in the animated movie “Tom and Jerry Yume no Chocolate Factory”, and in the same year he was the first to challenge a series drama in the Fuji TV drama “Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Ikimono-koku”. is doing.


Who is your partner?

Daisuke’s older brother announced marriage to a general woman.

The older brother of the song has already graduated,

Dating and marriage would have become free.


What kind of person is the other woman in general?

I’m very interested.

I do n’t think it ’s possible,

If you are a 20’s gal, you should never want to be known.

I think it is a woman with a decent position and dignity even though she is a general woman.



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