Tashiro Masashi [Stimulant possession] arrested again

Former talent “Marcy” Masashi Tashiro (63) was arrested on the 6th for the possession of a stimulant. Arrested by drug fifth time with this.

In response to the arrest of suspect Tashiro, the official website of NHK E Tele’s information variety program “Varibara” has removed the appearance of the suspect from the list of “Broadcasts so far”.

Tashiro appeared on the program twice on July 4th and 11th. Mr. Tashiro, who was arrested three times for suspected violations of the stimulant drug control law and twice served as a servant, said something interesting about the motivation for working on the stimulant in the same program entitled “Teach me Marcy”. It was revealed that it was to escape from “gag harassment” that had to be continued.

Tashiro also had strong voices against the public, such as repeated use of drugs and incidents of sneaking in women’s underwear and saying “I made an octopus on the mini” and bought Daihinshuku. Regarding the appointment of Mr. Tashiro’s “Barbara”, NHK Osaka Broadcasting Director Hiroaki Fukushima Production Manager said, “This time, the voice of the parties said that the parties to addiction and their families would be isolated from society and repeat crimes again. I was invited to tell you that I wanted to tell you exactly what I felt and what I wanted to say. I think that it will be a good material for thinking about how the society will deal with addiction, “he explains. Regarding past criminal records, “I have the theme of drug addiction, so I have the recognition that the other (sin) is finished (prison)”. It had expressed the view that is not a problem.


What are you thinking now?

Masashi Tashiro was arrested for possessing a stimulant drug.

Are you arrested again?

That ’s the story.

It seems that you have been working on the fear of drugs recently.

Because it is done while hiding the medicine

It is no longer there is no salvation so.

As an entertainer, it ’s like it ’s already over,


Isn’t it a one-off shot?

To perform in various places

Move that much,

It will be that the probability of recidivism will also increase.



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