Kokubo arrested for [cannabis smuggling]

Former Olympic representative from Japan and pro snowboarder Kazuhiro Kunimo was arrested on suspicion of smuggling cannabis from the United States.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Narcotics Control Department, the suspected mother-in-law co-conspired with acquaintance men and sent around 57 grams of cannabis products from the United States by international speed mail to Tokyo, Musashimurayama city for commercial purposes. Suspected of importing into Japan.

The suspected national mother appeared on the morning of April 6 alone in the Narcotics Department in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and was subsequently arrested. According to the investigation, the suspected national mother admitted importing cannabis but not for profit.

In the future, the Drug Enforcement Department is expected to investigate the purpose of smuggling cannabis.


Was n’t he a good person?

Suspect Kazuhiro Kunimo was arrested.

At that time, his behavior at the Olympics was regarded as a problem.

Actually, he was a credible person in the industry

A national mother who was in a circle with a good episode

You fell into hell at once.

Result bad guy Yanke | ω ・)



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