Rugby South African bikini pants

Numerous media covered the scene of Prince Henry rushing to the locker room of the South African national team who won the Rugby World Cup. However, rather than Prince Henry, it seems that the bikini pants worn by Fuff Declarke of “Small Giant” SH (Scrum Half) who got a lot of attention in this World Cup seemed to have gathered attention. Although it is a bold bikini pants designed with the South African flag, South African media “TimesLIVE” has reported that it is currently out of stock.

The bikini pants are from the brand “Bean Bag The Brand” launched by Kurt Schmelzer (29) and girlfriend Jessica Cherew (30) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The two founded the company in April 2018 and sold a highly stretchy material called Lycra, but now they are also working on shorts for surfer, running pants and bikini.

In fact, I went to the same high school as Mr. Schmelzer, South Africa national team captain, Sya Korishi. About two months before the start of the Rugby World Cup, Korishi suddenly called me and asked me, “I heard that you launched a brand, but you want to use it at a training camp. . Schmerzer sent a lot of swimsuits, but Corissi didn’t contact me after that. But this one phone will change the brand’s future.

Schmerzer said, “When I saw a scene where Fuff (Fuff DeClarke) greets Prince Henry, I never thought I was wearing that brand,” he said. Since the arrival of DeClarke’s attention, about 150 South African flag swimsuits were all sold out on the day of winning.

Schmerzer says that the price is very reasonable at 299 rand (about 2,200 yen), but he never thought that the swimsuit with the South African flag would be sold out. “Bean Bag The Brand” homepage now says, “Thanks to Fuff, the order has been flooded and the stock is running out. Sorry.” According to Schmelzer, the popularity was thought to be temporary, but orders are still increasing.

By the way, when you order the brand online, you can donate 50 rand (about 370 yen). Schmerzer and Cherew are big animal lovers, and at the end of the month, the two purchase 50 rands plus a donation to the animal protection organization in Port Elizabeth. Already this month, donations of nearly 50,000 rand (about 370,000 yen) have been collected.

A little flashy?

It seems that South African print bikini pants are selling well.

Although it was a declare player who was wearing,

Short and long hair,

It ’s a very memorable player.

I was beaten by this player | ω ・)

I feel like the image remains.

As expected, the World Cup

The advertising effect is outstanding.

Sales should have changed depending on whether South Africa wins.

I don’t know who is watching.



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