[Ice ball] on the beach

Is this also the effect of abnormal weather? 】 A certain coast of Finland is filled with egg-shaped lump of ice, which surprises people.

This “ice egg” appeared on the coast of Hairuoto Island in the Gulf of Bosnia between Finland and Sweden.

According to experts, small pieces of ice are formed by rolling in response to wind and seawater. This phenomenon is said to occur rarely.

“Scenery I have never seen”

Liszt Mattilla, a resident of Oulu City, close to Haileuot Island, who photographed this rare natural phenomenon, told the BBC that he had never seen it before.

“I was on the beach of Maruyaniemi with my wife. The weather was good, the temperature was around 1 degree below zero, and the wind was quite strong.”

“There I encountered this amazing phenomenon. There were snow and ice eggs on the shores of the coast.”

“Ice Egg” buried the coast of Hailuoto in Gulf of Bothnia


A mystery?

Ice eggs have appeared in Finland.

At first glance, this is an aggregate that looks like the back muscles.

Invisible to the population, great as nature,

It’s a mystery.

Natural coast

Ice ball manufacturing factory

It seems to be.

It’s also very strange that they are almost the same size.

There is probably something like a mathematical formula there.



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