Kazunari Ninomiya is [general female? ] And marriage

Arashi’s Kazuya Ninomiya (36 years old) announced her marriage. The opponent was a former free announcer A (38 years old), who had been reported for a long time, and became a goal-in after a dating period of about 5 years.

It was a “scoop” that Johnny’s reporter didn’t know.

“I didn’t notice it at all. I heard that Mr. Ninomiya submitted a marriage registration to the ward office after returning from Taiwan, but I didn’t show anyone such a gesture.”

Congratulations on getting married, but the voice “why was this time” can be heard from both fans and the media.

Arashi is very busy right now. On November 9th, at the “National Festival” to celebrate the imperial throne, the third movement “Journey to Harmony” was sung. The five departed Japan shortly thereafter. I traveled around Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, and Taipei, Taiwan. We just went on a bullet tour with a total travel distance of 10,982km, telling our fans many years of appreciation and reporting the ban on digital distribution. After that, a domestic dome tour is organized until the end of the year.

Best of all, Arashi will cease activity at the end of next year. There is only one year left. But why? Why wasn’t it after the end of next year?

“This day ’s announcement was carefully prepared. Mr. Ninomiya and Mr. A were thinking and preparing for it. It ’s probably months and years, especially Mr. A. “I was also interested in dealing with Ninomiya-san’s fan, the media, and it was said that she was led by her.

Ninomiya and A met in 2014 when Ninomiya appeared as a guest on a news program where A was acting as a caster. After that, the two collaborated with each other in other programs. It developed as it was.

After moving to Tokyo through an announcer at a local station, Mr. A changed to free. A beautiful ana with a gorgeous visual and fans throughout the country since the time of the local station. Ninomiya has quietly cultivated love with Mr. A, with little contact with human eyes.

Originally I love games, only for the indoor Ninomiya, the date is exclusively a house apartment. In a position as a national idol, of course, while dating was not open, this magazine stayed in love in July 2016, and dating came to light. A’s acquaintance tells us about the time.

“She was always hiding her relationship with Mr. Ninomiya.“ I ca n’t say anyone but I ’m in touch with a famous big actor. ”

◆ Wait until the end of next year, A will be 40 years old


Is n’t it an ordinary woman?

Arashi’s Kazuya Ninomiya announced her marriage.

The person who was cheering got married

Many people are lamenting.

However, the former announcer Ayako Ito

The media is consistent

General women

It is doubtful to have reported.

I think many people agree,

What is the purpose?

Now Arashi has climbed to the position of a national idol,

Such a mystery is frustrating.

The song program is fully open,

It can be configured to mix various mouth packs,

Is it VIP treatment of singer frame?

Wouldn’t you like an ordinary singer to hear your singing voice?

I understand that it is entertainment.

That ’s why it ’s still popular.

That would be fine.



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