Maezawa Yusaku and her catastrophe

Tosaku Maezawa (43), the founder of Internet clothing shopping giant ZOZO and president of “Start Today”, updated his Twitter on 14th, stating that “the truth is always one”.

The first tweet after the catastrophe report with actress Gyokusai Ayame (27). Mr. Maezawa spelled: “One break. It ’s noisy around things that never happen, but the truth is always one.”

He also reported that the TOB was closed yesterday. The blog service “note” spelled “I sincerely pray for the future development of the new ZOZO”, and “Photographs were taken together after the employee meeting on September 12th.” A group photo of sitting is also uploaded.

Maezawa’s dating relationship with Tsuyoshi was revealed in April last year, and he continued open dating, such as releasing the date on SNS, but a catastrophe was reported in part on the 12th.

Want to let go of everything?

It seems that Tomasaku Maezawa broke down with Ayame Ayame.

Wasn’t it criticized by the public and strengthened unity?

I thought

It was quick to end unexpectedly.

Each of the likability has dropped dramatically,

The promotion of zozo should have had a great effect.

Mr. Maezawa who has already let go of zozo,

If it was originally such a trick

It ’s so scary | ω ・)

If you have a strong bud,

Isn’t it just hated?



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