Okamura Takashi and Nakai Masahiro have been [disconnected for 5 years]

Comedy combination Ninety-Nine Takashi Okamura (49) appeared on TBS “Masahiro Nakai’s Friday Smiles” (Friday after 8.57) on the 15th. He confessed for the first time why he had had a break with his best friend Masahiro Nakai for five years.

Okamura will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Nakai has been a close friend for 26 years and is the first friend in the entertainment world. However, they revealed for the first time that they had been disconnected for about five years from around 1999.

Okamura said that Matsushita Hitoshi in downtown was the cause of the break. When Nakai and two people visited a tavern near his home, Matsumoto and Kunimasa Yamazaki were eating in the backroom. At that time, Okamura had no deep exchanges with Matsumoto, but “Now downtown is kind, but at that time he was like a person with a sword…” and he was nervous. I couldn’t speak a word, and the next day’s work was so fast that only one person went home.

Okamura suspects Nakai knew that his senior Matsumoto was in the store. In addition, Nakai furious that she did not return with her. To be inexorable with Nakai. Nakai didn’t know that Matsumoto was in the store, but he didn’t think Okamura was angry, so he didn’t come back together. “So, Nakai-kun is also good,” Okamura-kun was angry for the first time… ”he said.

However, they were shocked and confessed that they were co-starring twice on a trip around Japan, a popular project of “Mecha x 2 ike! Okamura said, “I can tell you now, but for the general director, are you out of Nakai? “I’m trying to go around Nakai and Japan, but can’t you?” “I have to work as a professional as a job (answered),” he said.


Can you laugh and work really?

It seems that Takashi Okamura had a break with Masahiro Nakai.

The reason was that it was Matsumoto Hitoshi in downtown.

It seems that Matsumoto Hitoshi was not directly involved.

Having said that, Okamura is so jealous that

How frightening downtown was at that time | ω ・)

Tells the story.

Even so, the gold suma has a lot of reproduction drama

There is not much content.

I think it takes about 20 minutes to record and watch it.



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