Sawajiri Erika arrested for suspected drug possession

Actress Sawajiri Erika Sawajiri (33) was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime Countermeasures Division 5 for alleged violation of the Drug Control Law on the 16th. He admits the suspicion that “it is definitely mine.” Only for drugs called “love drugs”, the department is urgently elucidating the route of acquisition, including the presence of lovers. Sawajiri, who appeared in the NHK Taiga drama “Kagigaru” started in January next year, was shocked at various places due to sudden arrest.

Team 5 vs. 5 o’clock on that day, searching for a Sawajiri apartment house in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. Seize white capsules containing 0.09 grams of MDMA powder from the accessory case on the shelf in your room. Although it was in a plastic bag with a zipper, it was not “a feeling that was strictly hidden” (according to investigators).

Two capsules were found. As a result of appraising one of the powders, it was determined to be MDMA. Appraise another one. In addition, in order to check the presence or absence of use, urine from Sawajiri is collected and this appraisal is in progress.

About a month ago, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department provided information that they were “involved in illegal drugs,” and the department investigated. During the search, the suspect Sawajiri did not resist and responded honestly to the question while his mother was Lira.

Stayed in clubs in Shibuya, Tokyo from dawn until morning. Around 7:00 am when I got home, neighboring residents witnessed the appearance of two men who were considered investigators. Sawajiri suspects were transferred to the police station in Tokyo Wangan Station after 7:15 pm. The press took a flash, but the curtains were still drawn inside the car.

It is an acquisition route that the section urgently clarifies. Because MDMA has the effect of enhancing the sensation during sexual activity, the partner is subject to investigation. In this report, Sawajiri succumbed to a designer who had been associated for 8 years around summer, but there is information that he recently rejoined. The department is confiscating Sawajiri’s mobile phone to find out if he or she got love from using a “love drug” with a lover.

Sawajiri’s suspected illegal drug goes back 10 years. In the coverage of this paper, the cause of being fired as a “serious breach of contract” by the former office in 2009 was cannabis use. At that time, because the drug incident continued, the office conducted a simple urine test. As a result, Sawajiri responded positively and admitted that he used it. Later, drug allegations were reported.

Sawajiri was supposed to appear at “Kagigaru” starting on January 5th. Recording has been going on since June, and all parts involved were confused by the sudden arrest drama.

Did you do it all the time?

Sawajiri Erika was arrested for possession of drugs.

[Separately] stocks continued to rise after the uproar

Sawajiri, who was thought to be

You used medicine on the back.

I did n’t get angry too much,

Stabilized with medicine | ω ・)

Does that mean

Taiga’s staff is also serious.

MDMA reminds me of former actor Manabu Oshio.

I am Akiko Yada’s former husband.

Sawajiri Erika suspects in this case

Out of the entertainment world

Will it become?

Although it appeared in commercials,

In the doping state, the image is the worst.

This one case this time

Meeting to see the cherry blossoms of Prime Minister Abe

It is said that the arrest was carried out to turn away from the problem.

It would be even more interesting if there were people to be exposed around that area.



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