SHELLY divorced

On the 16th, SHELLY (35), a popular talent from Japan and the United States, divorced her husband from the TV program production staff at the age of eight. According to officials, a divorce was formed this month. It is also revealed on the 20th broadcast of NTV “I tried to compare tonight” (9:00 after Wednesday) as the moderator.

The two became acquainted through work, married for about a year, and married in January 2014. The first daughter was born in January 2016, and the second daughter was born in January 2018. SHELLY has custody of the two, and the husband will also support child-rearing.

A period in less than six years of marriage. According to a TV station official, it was revealed that “I was cut out (to my husband)” in the recording of “I compared it tonight”. An acquaintance says, “Both work is busy, and the number of people passing each other has increased and the ideal family image has become unmatched.”

Nippon TV “Another Sky 2” broadcast on the 15th introduced how to take two daughters to his father ’s hometown, Illinois, but her husband’s topic did not appear.

SHELLY, who debuted as a model at the age of 14, played an active role in variety shows, making use of his bright characters and talk skills. After becoming a mom, while saving his work, he has regularly appeared in “I tried tonight” and NTV “Hirnandez!”. We will continue to balance work and parenting.

Was it sudden?

Shelley announced the divorce.

Please do your best in variety programs from now on.



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