Yukina Kinoshita [Activity self-restraint]‼

It was found on the 18th that the talent, Yukina Kinoshita (31) refrained from performing arts activities. The affiliated office announced in writing to the news media, and the suspension period was “immediately.” Kinoshita had trouble with the owner of the tapioca store where his sister worked. It turned out that he had sent a “how-to” email to the owner, and he apologized on Instagram on October 9.

In the midst of an unprecedented tapioca boom, the wrong “tapi life” led to the crisis of performing arts life. Kinoshita apologized again for a series of disturbances in writing, saying, “I was very sorry for the inconvenience to my opponents, people involved, and fans due to my stubborn remarks.” “I decided to reflect on my own behavior and to refrain from performing arts for the time being.”

The tapioca store that had trouble with Kinoshita opened in July. Kinoshita also advertised on Instagram as a store where her sister works, but the situation changed completely when her sister left the store in September. Posted on Instagram on October 6th, “It ’s okay not to go to the store anymore.” He complained about the payment of salary as a “victim”.

On the other hand, it became clear that Kinoshita was sending a direct mail to the female owner of the store. They lined up rants such as “Good Year’s Day” and “Liar”. He received a lot of bashing because the wording was released on the net, and apologized on Instagram on October 9th. The influence on work continued, and the appearance on the school festival on the 2nd of this month and the stage next month was canceled.

TBS-based “Ningen Observation Variety Monitoring” has two regulars and sells many guests. According to the affiliated office, it was announced that it was closed more than a month after the trouble broke out, taking into account repeated discussions and taking into account the recorded programs. Kinoshita has expressed his intention to apologize directly to the female owner, but the meeting is not realized, and the convergence of the “tapioca riot” is not visible.


Is it true rather than insignificant?

Yukina Kinoshita self-restrained.

There may be a problem at the tapioca store, or maybe a problem at the store side.

External people, and even entertainers, must think about the content of words.

Before that as an adult.

Yukina Kinoshita is a place where there were many appointments as Mamatale,

The image is ruined with this one case.

Well, it ’s her own words,

That is true nature | ω ・)



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