Shun Oguri [I knew]⁉

Oguri talked with Sawajiri suspects in the talk program “Our time” (Fuji TV) broadcast in September. Among them, Oguri struck such “act theory”.

“We have never killed people, but the fact that we have to play a role to kill people is ultimately the ultimate and the most troublesome part.”

“It ’s not like“ I ’m dragging because I ’m a drag, ”or something like that.”

Oguri turned his gaze on Sawajiri.

“It’s just a rumor, but Oguri has made a lot of fuss on the internet that he had known about Sawajiri’s drug use since then.” (Entertainment writer)

Oguri was also talking about this.

“I think I have a moment to rely on something when I realize it because I’m trying to play a different personality.”

“I think it’s’ something that an actor would die like an overdose”

Oguri was referring to Australian-born actor Heath Leisure (28), who died of acute drug addiction in 2008. “I feel like that,” says screenwriter and writer Sachiko Motoko.

“ It’s cute if you really like romance drama co-stars, but the dependent actors are so absorbed in the role, for example, if you play a crazy role, you are obsessed with it and you are dragged crazy to real life I don’t understand the boundary between reality and fiction, and I lose my mental balance.

Heath Ledger, who played the role of a crazy joker in the US movie “Dark Knight” (released in 2008) and won the Academy’s Best Supporting Actor, is a typical example. Was Sawajiri a suspected actress, too?

“The actors will be able to switch on and off from the dependent type as they continue their career, but Sawajiri doesn’t seem to be dependent on the appearance. It’s another reason, such as private loneliness and anxiety: I’m a young actor who feels addicted, is Fumi Nikaido for women and Masami Hamada for men? ”

It’s certainly better for audiences and spectators to be more comfortable with goosebumps.

In any case, it seems that Oguri’s words did not reach Suzawari who had been addicted to drugs for more than 10 years and was only able to say “dependence”.

Was it known in the industry?

Sawajiri Erika was arrested for possession of drugs,

Wasn’t Shun Oguri grasped before?

It has become a hot topic.

Well, I don’t think Shun Oguri will be the object of blame no matter what the fact is,

Sawajiri Erika’s drug use

It may have been understood to some extent.

It ’s quite a guard.

Act like a wicked woman,

Was there a desire to make it known to others?



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