Hitler’s hat [6 million yen]

[Berlin current event] A lot of Nazi related items such as Hitler’s top hat and mistress Efa Brown’s cocktail dress were exhibited at the auction held on the 20th in Germany.

Of these, the top hat was sold for 50,000 euros (about 6 million yen). Protests are inundated from Jewish groups.

The problem was the auction of German historical relics since 1919, conducted online by the Munich auction house “Hellmann Historica”. Efa’s dress was sold for 4600 euros, and Hitler’s book “My Struggle” limited edition, owned by one Nazi leader, Gäring, was sold for 130,000 euros.

The European Jewish Society sends an open letter to major German politicians. Six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis and demanded that the auction be canceled, the buyers be revealed and the authorities be monitored, as “an increasing number of Jews were killed” by hate crimes.


Is n’t it scary?

Hitler’s hat was sold at an auction.

The price is about 6 million yen.

Well, it has a historical added value of hat + Hitler,

Hitler was a complete dictator,

Is this worth it?

vice versa

I’ll give you it | ω ・)

It ’s an article that makes you want to refuse it.

Well that kind of goods

Some kind of message is conveyed

Because it has potential,

It is desirable that the appropriate person possesses it.



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