Danmitsu and cartoonist [marriage]‼

Talent honey (38) will marry a cartoonist, Tooru Seino (39), known for “Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo” and “Uhyo! I understood. On November 22nd of “Good couple’s day”, a marriage registration was filed. The two met together in the TBS series “Sakurai / Ariyoshi THE Night Party” (broadcast in March 2017) and developed into a romantic relationship. The two goal-ins that didn’t even gossip to dating are likely to call a big topic.

The queen of Eros, who has captivated men of the world, has taken the heart of a popular manga artist.

According to TV station officials, the two started dating in collaboration with the TBS system “Sakurai / Ariyoshi THE Night Party” (Thursday, 10:00 am) broadcast in March 2017. After that, he secretly raised his love.

Although the date of the dating was unknown, there was an opportunity to go to a private meal after the program co-starring. “It seems that she was attracted to the gentleness of Kiyono-san. During the same time, she gradually became aware of marriage.” It seems that the distance has been gradually reduced by repeated meal dates.

In the program, as “a man who is worried about right now,” Dan honey raised Kiyono-san and went around Akabane where he lived. Although it was a plan to date “deep spots” such as unusual Thai restaurants, Chinese restaurants, restaurants etc. that also appeared in comics, it is wrapped up in warm air that seems not to be the first meeting, and it seems to be a mess Was projected.

In the studio recording after the location, Mr. Kiyono sent a message in comics, “In minutes, no, no, in seconds, you (you) all the time, with a very erotic eye” I was watching, sorry for the honey, thank you. ” He was pissing out and inviting laughter.

Tanmitsu appeared regularly in BS Japan (now BS Tele-East) “Gilgamesh LIGHT” in 2012, and got a chance to break. Popularity is exploding due to the elegant appeal and the temptation phrase “Is it a mess?” Called “Japan’s most beautiful 32 years old” and “Beautiful 32 years old”, he climbed to the top of the gravure world.

In the movie “Be my slave”, starring in the same year, she performed full nudity. I did not hesitate even in the shaving hair scene, and challenged with the body. Currently, she appears on many TV and radio programs, and writes newspapers and magazines.

Mr. Kiyono is known as a manga artist. “Akaha, Kita-ku, Tokyo,” which is a comic story of his own experiences set in Akabane, is serialized on the mobile phone site “Keitai Manga Kingdom”. Drew attention. The film was also made a drama in 15 years, starring Takayuki Yamada (36) and was a hit. The name recognition also increased. Because of the reason that they don’t want to see the mucous membrane of the mouth, they often appear with a mask that covers the bottom of their nose when they appear in the media.

According to officials, the honey is not pregnant and continues to work after marriage. On the 24th, he will perform live on TBS “Sunday Japon” (Sunday, 9:54) on a regular basis every other week, and will have a 20-year calendar release event in Tokyo from the afternoon. It seems that you can hear a happy report.


High likability?

Dan honey announced the marriage with the cartoonist.

Dan honey is a gravure idol, among them a standing position for adults,

At first it was a very mysterious character,

Isn’t the current favorable rate quite high?

It ’s also very ideal to meet up on a show and get along,

I feel like a type that really believes in my sensibility.

Because celebrities tend to go to the president or businessman | ω ・)

The contents of the altar may be surprisingly pure women.



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