Audrey Wakabayashi with a general woman [speed marriage]‼

Comedy combo “Audrey” Masaaki Wakabayashi (41) appeared live on Nippon Broadcasting System “Audrey’s All Night Nippon” (Saturday midnight) on the 23rd. On March 22, he filed a marriage report with a woman who was 15 years younger than the general public, and reported that he was married.

Wakabayashi did not inform Kasuga and reported a surprise on the program. Since I was talking like a story from the beginning, Kasuga didn’t know the truth, but Wakabayashi reported that marriage was true. “I was on the same day as Natsu Ando and Mitsu Dan, and I was on a good couple’s day (notification of marriage),” he said.

He got acquainted with his partner in March this year through an acquaintance’s introduction, and began to associate in August. The relationship was signed by Wakabayashi, “I don’t intend to go out loosely. It was said that she had been living with her for a month, and Kasuga was surprised, “So you were moved.

For the partner woman who became a speed marriage in 3 months of dating, she said that she was 15 years old and that she was 26 years old and that she was doing a nurse. “I have a lot, but when I go to eat and ask a store clerk, I like to grab and shake the arms of the person who asks, but no one has laughed at it. I laughed at it. ” Kasuga, a “senior” who married in May this year, was playing a “senior style” saying, “I wonder if the senses are similar.

An unexpected person recently announced marriage?

Audrey Wakabayashi announced her marriage.

Because of the surprise announcement on the radio,

Is it only me that still sounds like a lie?

Although Wakabayashi’s character is unique,

Audrey is a successful person in the entertainment world,

There should be as many weapons as possible.

Kasuga’s partner got married first,

Was it left behind?

I thought that

Actually, you had plenty of room in your private life.

It was a surprise.



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