Imoto Ayako [marriage announcement]‼

Talent Imoto Ayako (33) is a popular variety of Japanese TV series “24 Itte Q! (Every Sunday 7:58) Appeared in an emergency live broadcast and announced marriage. The other party was Mr. Ishizaki, the program director, who was revealed in the VTR introducing the candidates. The presentation method was to fly a bungee jump together, but when the opponent was known, the members all blessed.

In the program schedule of the same program on this day, together with the introduction, “I will do it for the first time in the 12-year history of the program! Tonight’s emergency live broadcasting SP !! Mitsuyoshi Uchimura, Yuya Tegoshi (NEWS), Daisuke Miyagawa, Sannaka Mori, Imoto, Asako Ito, Emiko Kawamura (Tanpopo), Barbie (Foreign Love), Souichi Nakaoka (Roch), Miyazon (ANZEN Manzai), Side dish The club, Gambaruja, was lined up as a performer.

At the beginning of the day’s program, Uchimura, Tegoshi, Miyagawa and others started in the studio. “I’ll send you an emergency live broadcast tonight. Only I know. Ever since it started, it ’s an emergency live broadcast. Only I know. There is an announcement from the members. In fact, one of the members is getting married. “They became,” and invited entertainers from single members.

Single entertainers lined up side by side and announced members to marry with ass blowers. Imoto, who was shot through, declared, “I am, I am, but I got married, 12 years old,“ Itte Q ”began 12 years.” While surprises and blessings spread among the members, Yoshino Kimura rushed to the celebration and said, “Aunt, the lacrimal gland already…”.

Simple contact effect?

Imoto Ayako has announced her marriage.

Is the influence of the good couple’s day [November 22] the other day big?

Celebrity marriage rush will not stop.

And I feel like an unexpected person is married.

It was an emergency live broadcast of Itte Q.

Like a 24-hour TV runner announcement

There was no disgusting

Wasn’t it a very good broadcast?

Because the other party is the director of the program,

After all, the simple contact effect is powerful

I realized.

I was not conscious at all until I climbed

Imoto said,

I don’t know what will trigger it.



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