Taiga [Kiringakuru] start destination‼

Broadcasting of the next NHK Taiga “Rin is coming” (8 after Sunday), in which Haruna Kawaguchi (24) takes the place after actress Serijiri Sawajiri (33) was arrested for possession of synthetic drug MDMA It was decided on the 25th that the start will be after January 19 next year, as already reported by Sankei Sports. Originally scheduled for January 5, it was postponed two weeks.

On that day, there was a notice from the same office at the offices of several performers. The retakes will be taken from the beginning of December, but some people say that it is very unlikely that this schedule will be delayed by two weeks, and the start of the broadcast may be delayed by one month.


Isn’t the schedule full?

Next year’s Taiga drama [Kagigaru] broadcast has been postponed.

Can’t broadcast Sawajiri Erika

It ’s a translation, so it ’s not in time.

Shoot until now

Just broadcast | ω ・)

What I thought

Because it ’s not going to work.

The staff is hard.

Even if no incident occurs, I think it ’s a tough job.

The schedule of actors is the same,

Let’s keep talking before it is broadcast

The condition

Will it become?

The fact that it becomes re-shooting

I think there will naturally be some parts that must be compromised in terms of quality.

It’s a pity that the work gets rough.




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