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An interview with “Weekly Bunharu” revealed that there was a suspicion of harassment in the Amazonian reality program “Bachelor Japan” advocating “real marriage hunting survival”. Several program related persons such as performers revealed.

“ Bachelor Japan ” is a celebrity and handsome single man “ Bachelor ” who lives together with dozens of women, dating, finally choosing one woman and dating on the premise of marriage . The Japanese version began broadcasting in 2017 as an Amazon Prime Video signage program, and Season 3 was delivered in the fall of 2019.

“The secret of popularity is the reality that ordinary women fight for a relationship with a bachelor, as they say,“ 75 days of unscripted and unpredictable ”and“ Human, Barely ”. The gorgeous date prepared by Bachelor has attracted a lot of attention, and boasts a tremendous popularity, especially in the 20s. ”(Sports reporter)

However, due to the realism, performers are often bashing online. In season 3, Mr. Shinya Tomonaga (31), a bachelor, repeatedly said that he was “morahara” in a situation where a woman who could not swim on a date jumped into the pond, and he was criticized as “the lowest bachelor ever.” I was exposed.

However, the program officials reveal.

“Actually, Tomonaga’s behavior is not due to his will. There are scenarios that are decided on dating plans and conversations.”

Another program representative also says:

“It’s supposed to be ‘no script’, but it actually exists. The scene where the woman jumped in was also directed by the production side. I’m jumping in. ”

“Weekly Bunharu” got LINE as evidence. In the group LINE of female performers, there was the following description.

<The scene that was dive a few times in an insanely dub swamp was also cut>

The performer also says:

“It was decided in advance that I would be dropped early” (Performer Ako)

“It’s also the direction that the women are not good at each other. The program staff told me to“ create a little bit of an atmosphere. ”On the back, everyone was drinking well.” )

In addition, Mr. Tomonaga selected Ayumi Mizuta (30), who was selected in the final round, and quickly revealed that he was dating another female, Megumi Iwama (25). It is exposed.

“Although Tomonaga originally wanted to have a relationship with Mr. Iwama, he was persuaded to choose Mr. Mizuta with the intention of the production side.”

Regarding the suspicion of “Bachella Japan”, Amazon and the affiliated company of Yoshimoto Kogyo and YD Creation asked for confirmation, but both companies did not deny or confirm individual fact confirmation. Answered.

“Everyone who applied has sympathized with the program concept of one man following a journey to find true love and participated at his own will. Bachelor and female participants are based on their own decisions and agreements. It is based on the principle of “”


Is taboo in Japan?

Yarase allegations emerged in Bachelor.

Because the situation of marriage hunting survival is unusual,

The troubles in it become unusual,

Then let’s make it | ω ・)

Do you feel that?

Well as a show that viewers can enjoy overseas

Such coloring may be ants,

In a serious Japanese society

Yarase is a taboo.

Some staff may argue that this is an overseas style,

Out now in Japan

And if you are paying a flat fee,

Deceived | ω ・)

I feel that.

In this information society

You will be able to answer various questions later.

It ’s important to have a good friend.



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