Hashimoto Manami [marriage]‼

On the 26th, it turned out that the talent Hanamoto Manami (35) would get married. The other party is a doctor who is one year younger and submits a marriage registration on the 27th. After a dating of almost two years, he reached the goal. I have nurtured love quietly without being reported. Supported by pre-marital contracts such as gravure OK including unusual contents. Changed from “Heisei housing complex wife” “national mistress” to “Ryowa married woman”.

In the coverage of Sponichi this paper, the encounter was Christmas two years ago. Every year, Hashimoto held a call to several single men and women of high school classmates, and it was an alumni event called “Sabishinbo-no-kai” among friends. There are about 10 members this year, and one entertainer is Hashimoto. It was said that a man participated for the first time with his friend in Hashimoto.

“They seemed to be aware of each other as soon as they met,” the attendee said. The man said that he was quietly laughing without being frustrated even if everyone was noisy, “Manami feels like that.”


Isn’t there a party every Christmas?

Hashimoto Manami is getting married.

Following the honey, Manami Hashimoto

There may be many people who think that.

Your partner is a working doctor

Well, it ’s one of the classics.

After all, it is not enemies to the impact of honey that married a cartoonist.

When you hear that Sabishinbo is held every year

I feel a little scared

It was good not to twist



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