[for the first time in 10 years] Manzai‼

Comedy Combi Untouchable appeared in a variety program “All Power! Defeat Times” (Fuji Television) broadcasted on November 29th. For the actress Yuko Shinki (25 years old) who says “I love Untouchables”, she has been showing her comics for the first time in 10 years and is calling out.

On that day, Shinki, who spoke about “my favorite laughter”, commented toward Untouchable Hideaki Shibata, who also appeared as “I love Untouchable”. Shinki continues, “But it seems that there have been fewer opportunities to see Untouchable’s comics recently.

However, when his companion Hiroya Yamazaki appeared, Shibata shouted with a startling voice as he fell down to the floor, confirming with Yamazaki, “No, you’re stupid. Realizing Yamazaki’s seriousness, Shibata took off his jacket and the first comic story began in 10 years.

At the beginning of Manzai, when Yamazaki gave the name of Kato-san and Funky Kato who triggered “that uproar”, Shibata’s consistently good tsukkomi entered, and blur and tsukkomi unfolded one after another An untouchable unique comic talent is shown.

After completing his comics, Shibata said, “What will happen in the future? Human powerhouse! Hey human powerhouse! Yamazaki is coming out.”

The entertainer’s friends reacted to the untouchable comics one after another, and Masakazu Mimura, who was amazed, tweeted, “I did it! Untouchable!” Maple Superalloy’s KazuLaser also spelled “I want to dream” and “I am still the best in Japan”, and also “I was impressed by the untouchable comics” “I cried” “I should be a comic man” ”.



Untouchable performed for the first time in 10 years.

That said, from Shibata, it looks like a surprise.

It was very god times.

I myself

I was looking at President Maeda at Another Sky


When it ’s over and change to weakness times

Because Shinya Kote was crying | ω ・)

I was in time.

Was it a strategy that would stop those people on the channel?

I was glad to see it.



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