Apology for Fujimon [Tapioca store riot]

The comedy combination “FUJIWARA” Toshifumi Fujimoto (48) appeared on the 30th broadcast Yomiuri TV “Tomori! Yoshimoto Imada / Hakkou no Ochaburi Jungle” (11/55 before Saturday). A wife who announced self-restraint in response to the riot of the tapioca drink store, she spoke about the hard chest of the talent Yukina Kinoshita (31).

Regarding Kinoshita, it became clear that a direct message (DM) was sent to the tapioca drink store, which had been in trouble with his real sister, such as “I will do it with all offices”, from October. On the 18th in the riot, he announced his self-restraint for performing arts through the official website of his affiliated office. I was very sorry for that.

Fujimoto, who was called out by Koji Imada of MC at the beginning of the program and called out, “I ’m so excited”, “I ’m so excited”, “I ’m sorry. First of all, I ’m sorry for you. I apologize for the hard face. Furthermore, he continued, “The most important thing to reflect on was that it made me feel uncomfortable.”

There is a voice in the world advocating Fujimoto as “good”, but from the senior entertainer Honkon (56), “The husband and wife are responsible for the problem of the couple. I can’t think of it. Fujimoto responded mysteriously, saying “Some people say” (Fujimoto) is irrelevant, but even if you are accused of being a couple “.

In addition, Honkon said, “The most pitiful person is said. The bride is self-restrained, not talking about reversion, but self-restraint for the time being, but self-restraint for the time being. “I just have to come out when there is something,” Fujimoto said, nodding “yes” with a serious expression.


Is n’t it hard to work?

Fujimon apologized for the tapioca store uproar.

One case this time is a problem with Yukina Kinoshita alone,

After all, the blame will ignite towards Fujimon.

You can’t keep going in various ways without saying anything,

It is safe to apologize.

The Fujimon side is completely inconvenienced,

After all, a couple is like that | ω ・)

Yukina Kinoshita is currently self-restrained,

It is very doubtful whether there is demand after resuming activities.

Isn’t there any useless scene without Yukina Kinoshita?



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