Koyabu poster, Yoshimoto Kogyo and [40.7 million yen] contract⁉

An enlightenment poster from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, in which Yoshimoto Kogyo’s comedian, Kazutoyo, plays a patient with a painful expression, was criticized, and the opposition party over the problem that the ministry stopped sending it to the local government We pursued at the Diet on the 28th.

The ministry revealed that the contract price was 40.7 million yen. In SNS, discussions about posters have not converged even after the shipment has been canceled.

■ Deep contract fee

At the Senate Health and Welfare Committee on the 28th, Maiko Tajima, an opposition party unionist group, asked the Minister of Labor, Katsunobu Kato, “How do you accept the protest?” Mr. Kato replied, “I should have done a careful response such as listening to the opinions of patient groups and experts.”

Mr. Tajima continues to ask, “How much does public money cost?” When the director of the ministry revealed that he had signed a contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo at a contract price of 40.7 million yen, a roar occurred in the committee room. In the future, the final amount of payment will be decided upon receiving reports of actual expenses.


Is it too expensive?

The gavel poster is controversial.

A poster created by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

More close to the feelings of sick people | ω ・)

It seems that criticism is happening.

I think that each of you feels how you feel about this,

It only looks like it ’s fearful.

It may be a strategy to use fear to bring effects,
Could it be warmer content?

I think.

Regarding the expense of 40.7 million yen

Is it worth it?

Very doubtful.

Isn’t it simply the losing state of Yoshimoto Kogyo?

Isn’t it a good idea to be a Kosuge?



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