[Pitcher] Ichiro

The first game of the grass baseball team “KOBE CHIBEN” formed by Mr. Ichiro (46 = Special Assistant and Instructor with Chairman Mariners) who retired this season was held in Field Kobe on the 1st. Ichiro participated in the ninth pitcher. He played softballs freely and finished nine times with six hits, sixteen strikeouts, and 131 balls. After the game, he showed a fulfilling expression, saying, “The left calf is jerky, but the shoulders and elbows are all right. It ’s still fun.

The opponent is a team of teachers and staff from Chiben Wakayama, whose fans are Ichiro. I took the number 1 instead of the number 51 that I was used to in my career. At the bat, a familiar routine to raise the bat was performed. Taking advantage of its speed, it has a three-hit, four-stroke, three-hits, one-ball, etc. “It’s difficult to hit a slow ball,” recalled. In the game, “KOBE CHIBEN”, to which Mr. Ichiro belongs, won 14-0.


Still professional level?

Ichiro participated in the grass baseball game.

There is a big difference with 14-0,

The good thing about grass baseball is that you can enjoy it.

If you wonder if it ’s rarely seen in Japan

Because of the baseball debut

Will it become relatively familiar?

I would like to see if you can feel free to watch.



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