London Boots [new company] established

Comedy Tadashi Tamura (45) of Combi London Boots No. 1 and 2 updated their official Twitter on the 2nd. Announced the establishment of a new company, LONDOBOOTS, together with Ryo Tamura (47), who is currently in the midst of Shingo. Ryo ’s resumption of performing arts is expected to be performed in combination with Tsuji, and it is highly likely that he will return to the TV Asahi regular program “London Hearts” (Tuesday, 11.15 later) as early as next spring. It seems to be.

The “new company establishment” announced by Sakaki is not only about the love of the combination of Longbue. What feels even more than that is Ryo’s “Farewell” feeling for Miyasako, who received the same moderation from Yoshimoto and met together.

Miyasako and Ryo held a blitz interview in Tokyo in July. He revealed that he had stopped holding an apology interview from Yoshimoto, and expressed his distrust to the company. Among them, Ryo was always depressed with a sad expression against Miyasako, who sometimes expressed anger and had a steep expression. Many people who participated in the conference felt the “temperature difference” between them.

Should I leave Miyasako?

London Boots 1 and 2 Tamura Satoshi established a new company.

Probably because of Ryo Saikata who raised the distrust of Yoshimoto Kogyo.

Miyasako seems to be aiming for a return with Akashiya’s backup.

Ryo may want to completely separate from Yoshimoto Kogyo.

The two interviews shocked the world,

Contrary to Ryo reflecting

Miyasako was fighting against Yoshimoto.

Although things originally grew because of my own lies,

Miyasako show from beginning to end | ω ・)

It was.

Many people wish for the return of Miyasako,

And if you think you ’re going

I don’t like it personally.

AmeTalk is interesting enough for Hoto-chan.



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