Event with Chono [Decisive refusal]‼

Rakugoka Tsukitei Masamasa was requested by Mayor Ichiro Matsui in Osaka City to co-star with the closely related professional wrestler Masahiro Chono, but refused because he was too busy cleaning his home. Every year, Hosho is a big fan of butterflies from Chono on New Year’s Eve Nippon TV “Use Downtown Braves and Go! SP”. The relationship only with this program has continued for many years, and I am seriously scared.

Mr. Matsui, who decided to hold a special talk show with Chono at the “Osaka Motor Show” this month, headed to Yoshifumi Yoshimura, Governor Yoshimura on the 3rd day of Twitter. Let ’s change. Please ask Kunimasa Yamazaki for support. ”

Katamas cut into this exchange and said to Mr. Matsui, “I don’t know if there is work on that day.

Mr. Matsui wasn’t quick enough, and Masayoshi was disappointed that Yoshimoto Kogyo will no longer pay for transportation costs next year. “Thank you for contacting us, Mr. Masamasa. December 9th, 10:30 am. I will bear the cost of course. ”

Kasho said, “It ’s very quick to reply.” On December 9th, I cleaned up from the morning, worked in the afternoon, went to my parents’ house in the evening, and it was a rakugo party in the evening. He confessed that he had no work in the morning, but refused.



Tsukiteikatamasa refused the Chono event.

The fact that the two perform together

I want to see Binta | ω ・)

That’s why

I guess it was detected early and refused.

I’m really scared

That is also the reason for the year-end convention.



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