Take a taxi to Shibuya PARCO

A taxi rushed into Shibuya Parco, which just opened.

Around 1:30 pm on the 5th, a taxi accidentally entered the pedestrian walkway in Shibuya PARCO, which was just opened last month. According to witnesses, at the time of the accident, two women were in the taxi. In fact, this passage used to be a roadway before, but this time it changed to a pedestrian passage when it was reopened. Fortunately there were no people.


Is Tokyo complex?

There was an accident where a taxi plunged into Shibuya Parco.

There have been many accidents related to driving this year,

Regarding this matter

I understand the feeling that I want to feel a little sympathy with the driver.

If the roadway has changed for pedestrians only

Hook problem | ω ・)

That’s why.

It was good that there were no injuries.

If someone was victimized, the wind direction might have changed.



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