Guest on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Special “New Year’s Eve! Using New Year’s Eve!” On the New Year’s Eve, the new work “New Map” in the latest work “Youth High School Don’t Laugh!” On December 6th, Daily Shincho interview.

The show’s press conference was held on December 4th, but of course that wasn’t announced.

At the venue in Tokyo, five people, Hitoshi Matsumoto (56), Masayoshi Hamada (56), Tsukitei Homamasa (51), Cocorico Endo Shozo (48), and Naoki Tanaka (48) gathered in front of the press. The entertainment media greatly reported the scene where Matsumoto showed a blur, “I didn’t expect to be beaten if I laughed.”

In short, it was a conference where the longevity program had plenty of room and dignity, but in fact it had prepared a super-class “hidden ball”. Stakeholders reveal.

“This year’s Yoshimoto Kogyo was shaken by the black business problem. There was a voice that was in danger of producing for a while, but NTV decided to continue. On the contrary, Goro Inagaki (45), Go Kusanagi (45), There was a tremendous surprise to have Shingo Katori (42) appearing, and of course the filming was over and NTV seemed to have put a strict Higuchi decree on the people involved, but that’s all this big news. The door would not have been able to stand in the human mouth. ”

If you are a fan of “New Maps”, you may remember that a similar report was made in 2018. On November 17, last year, Smart FLASH published “Takeshi Kusanagi,“ Return to the Terrestrial Waves ”Plan Aimed by Manager”. It can still be viewed.

“The source is an article published by the photo weekly magazine FLASH in the November 27 issue. There was a move to make three people of“ New Map ”appear in“ Do not laugh ”, “The story disappeared at the last minute.” That was because I was able to safely shoot the film this year.

Freed from Johnny’s?

Three people on the new map appear on New Year’s Eve [Don’t Laugh].

It ’s a very big guest at the end of the year.

The activities of these three people

To Johnny’s office

The activities are strictly restricted

Because it became NHK news

The situation may have improved a little.



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