Empress Masako 56 years old [birthday]‼

Empress Masako celebrated her 56th birthday on the 9th and published her impressions in writing through the Imperial Household Agency. After the throne of the Emperor in May, he expressed his sincere appreciation for the congratulations of many people.

The Empress gave us “a surprisingly warm celebration that was unexpected” from many people during the general saga celebrating the inauguration in May and the inauguration parade in November. “I was happy and thankful,” he said. “A lot of (and many) smiles I met in various places” is “a great memory for irreplaceable memories and a great support for the future.”

On the other hand, as my heart hurts, many victims of disasters such as typhoons have been given this year, and I have sincerely hoped that the victims will return to a safe life as soon as possible. I thought.


On the way to recovery?

Masako celebrated his 56th birthday.

Masako, who had been worried about health before,

Various events related to the emperor’s throne

Isn’t it overcoming safely?

It may be a lot of pressure to marry the Emperor family,

Do many public affairs in an inevitable environment

It ’s on the way to recovery

It would be encouraging many people.



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