The best-selling game machine in the world

Sony’s PlayStation, which celebrated its 25th anniversary since its launch, was certified by Guinness as the world’s best-selling game console.

The “PlayStation” series has sold approximately 450 million units and has been recognized by the Guinness World Record as the “best-selling home video game machine ever made”. The first “Preste” was launched 25 years ago, and it became popular as new models were released, and a number of booms were created, such as a line at the store on the day of release. At the end of next year, a new model “PlayStation 5” will be released after 7 years.

Because foreigners also buy?

PlayStation became Guinness certified.

It ’s all in the PlayStation series.

Even if you sell only in Japan, the number is limited,

You must not sell it to foreigners.

Because selling is [being want],

It will be how amazing the achievements of the PlayStation series.

I have just purchased PS4,

PS5 is already on sale.

I think it’s a really realistic video on PS4

What will happen to you?

If you can’t tell the difference from reality

It ’s no longer a fear | ω ・)



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