[Closed New Year’s Day] in Seven-Eleven Tokyo⁉

Seven-Eleven Japan, the largest convenience store, announced on November 11 that it is planning a demonstration experiment on New Year’s Day.

This is the first time Seven will have a planned holiday on New Year’s Day, except for the closing of the building where the store is located.

According to Seven, the demonstration experiment is planned at about 50 stores, directly managed by headquarters and franchise affiliates in Tokyo. Details such as selection of stores to be closed and closed hours are currently being packed. The purpose is to confirm sales and profit fluctuations before and after the holiday and demand trends in the area where the stores are located.

This year, Seven has launched a full-scale experiment on the time-savings of its affiliated stores, and has announced a policy of accepting short-term sales in principle in October.

The convenience store’s 24-hour operation has become a social issue triggered by a trouble with Seven and a member store seeking short-time business. With the “intervention” of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, each company has launched support for new member stores.

The convenience store’s New Year’s holiday test was announced in October by Lawson, the industry’s third-largest store. With the policy of acquiring data such as the number of customers before and after closure, sales, and the impact on distribution logistics, the company is selecting stores for implementation in 50 to 100 stores nationwide.


Work style reform?

It seems that Seven-Eleven is planning a holiday on New Year’s Day.

Recently, work style reform

There are many companies that do similar things.

It’s a loss from a part-time job,

Maybe it would be good if employees could rest while maintaining their salary.

In places like convenience stores

To deliver products at once

All open

Is it more efficient?

If the closed and open places are apart

The difficulty of doing that is likely to be a cost.

Because we have to make changes that suit the times,

The first thing that conflicted with the owner was the worst image | ω ・)



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